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2008 Develop the SMD Speaker and Digital Microphone.
2007 Develop the MEMS Microphone.
2006 Develop Ultra-sonic product, for Medical, Humidifier, Fish detector.
2005 Develop Ultra-sonic product, high power miniature speaker.
2004 Develop oval shape & rectangular type receiver, 5mm magnetic transducer.
2001 Develop 2 in 1 (Speaker+Receiver) to pentrate the mobile phone market.
2000 Develop the thinnest SMD transducer with 2mm in the world & qualified ISO14001.
1999 Develop the S.M.D. type transducer & buzzer.
1997 Develop condenser microphone, receiver, speaker & qualified ISO9002.
1996 Develop mylar speaker, magnetic transducer, buzzer for computer items.
1995 Develop new series of the magnetic transducer to fit for the cordless phone market, mechanical buzzer for catch-rat machine..
1990 Develop external drive piezo transducer for the cord phone market.
1986 First one to make the FCC standard phone buzzer, and develop more self drive piezo transducer to fit for the new security field.
1983 Develop magnetic buzzer & piezo buzzer.
1980 First one to develop the UL horn in the world.
1976 Established on 4 Aug., 1976. Making the metal horn for security field.